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Overview of Products

Founded in 2024 in Brussel, specializes in programmatic job advertising services and technology. offers businesses an innovative, no-risk method to promote job vacancies on a free basis, across a vast network exceeding 6,000 career and consumer websites. This model allows for a more efficient talent acquisition process without the traditional costs associated with clicks or job postings, ensuring a solid return on investment. The system integrates seamlessly with existing applicant tracking systems, and there are no upfront fees or binding contracts – you’re charged solely for the subscribtion, completed job applications. With over 300 prominent employers as clients, is redefining the recruitment media payment structure.

One of its offerings, Jobsite.HR, stands as the leading pay-per-click job campaign management tool. It simplifies recruitment media management for agencies and job boards by consolidating all activities in a single interface. Jobsite.HR enhances the efficiency of programmatic job ad purchases with its comprehensive analytics, working in harmony with to offer a full-fledged programmatic job ad solution. Notably, Jobsite.HR imposes no additional media spend fees, and its integration process is straightforward.

Furthermore, the Publisher Network welcomes agencies and companies to access a wide array of employer-sponsored job listings, featuring high-value roles directly from employers without competing ads. The network rewards quality candidate traffic. Additionally, it provides an opportunity for recruitment platforms to attain Jobsite.HR certification and join the leading publishers within the most extensive online recruitment advertising agency network.

Interested in or seeking more information on recruitment software and services? Reach out via phone, email, or online for personalized advice from an impartial technology advisor, offered without obligation. Our service is complimentary, supported by certain providers who value the web traffic and sales opportunities we generate, but our goal remains to assist technology purchasers in making informed decisions by offering insights into all available options, including those from providers not financially contributing to us.