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How To Attract Attendees’ To Your Exhibition Space

Attending an event has the aim of gathering interested, networking and attracting attendees’ over to your stand space. It’s true that different factors will entice different contacts, and this is why you need to have an element within the stand to speak to a wide range of personalities to make your stand a hit.

Whether you have a large or small space, an impact can be made. It’s important that you use the space to showcase your brand and its offerings in a unique and effect way to ensure you have brought a refreshing element to your exhibition stand design.

Use Interactive Media

Adding media to your display stand is a modern way to add fun and something that little bit different. It doesn’t have to break the bank and can be added in a form of a small game, tablet app or involve social media.

Bring a sense of competitiveness and watch as the crowds roll into take part and gain a winning spot on the leader board.

Impressive Stand Design

The idea of an exhibition stand is that it can promote your business in a way that doesn’t need you to speak to every single person within the exhibition hall. Use your printed display components to clear display an important and memorable brand message.

Be sure to use catchy slogans, fonts and eye catching graphics to grab attention of those who are wondering around the exhibition.

Approachable Stand Members

It goes without saying that the members you choose to attend the exhibition and act as the face of the business should be friendly and approachable.

Not only should they be happy and friendly, it’s crucial they know the business and are well educated on the services and products. Each individual needs to be able to confidently speak and effectively communicate with stand guests to build rapport.