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What taste of coffee do you want to try out next from this bar in Ghent?

Have you had enough of the classical coffee that you drink everyday? Then it might be time to switch things up and try out something entirely new. WAY in Ghent is so much more than a coffee bar, they also produced a whole line of the best coffee for filter. That way you get to enjoy a different taste every morning. You will want to wake up for these amazing drinks! Are you ready to find out the coffee that fits all of your preferences?

The different brew methods

When making coffee, there is a whole lot more to it than using the coffee beans or other products from this bar in Ghent. You also have to decide which filter brew method you will use. A couple of different options are: pour over, Moccamaster and Aeropress. With these products everything is possible. Each brewing method gives a whole different result. Therefore, it is worth trying different styles every day. You also get to choose between real beans or espresso. For the espresso, you will have to find the correct filters before being able to brew it. Luckily WAY also provides all types of filters.

Every flavour profile you can imagine

Your taste buds are very sensitive and deserve to be treated with only the most pleasant flavours. That is why these specialists in coffee offer a whole range of options. You can easily recognize them by the different icons. Do you see a big, brown diamond? That means it has a sweet profile. The bigger the icon, the more present the flavour is. Are you really into floral or herbal coffee and do you want to try a new one from this bar in Ghent? Then you might want to look for a big green parallelograms. You can take a look on to discover the different symbols.

Ask these experts all you questions

Are you new to coffee? Or do you want to be surprised by a new taste? Reach out to these experts and ask away. They will offer you the necessary information about all their products and suggest some new coffees to try out. Who knows you will be drinking the newest Mexican coffee tomorrow morning.